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Sapphire, Queensland team offers various real estate services
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Why Sapphire Queensland?

Sapphire Estate Agents Queensland has over 50+ recommendations from local clients we have worked with. Based on what they say, we are amazing on helping them to buy, sell, rent, and build.

Buy with Us

We help buyers with finding home, apartments, lands and real estate properties based on their requirements.

Sell with Us

We help sellers with appraising their property value, comparing the locality, and finding the right buyer.

Rent with Us

Maybe now its not time for you to buy or sell, but we can help you with finding tenants or leases and fixing them with the property.

Build with Us

We are currently offering construction and building of real estate properties like house, apartment and others.

Our Motto Simple
Integrity and Trust

We apply these words to everything we do, which means that all our clients can expect us to deal with them honestly and clearly. Your estate agent should be someone that you can trust: to work hard on your behalf, to meet your goals and timeframes, and to keep you informed and up to date on any issues or developments. That is what Integrity and Trust means to us, and that is what we provide to you.

Blog Articles

Selling a Tenanted Property in Australia

Selling a Tenanted Property in Australia

When it comes to selling a tenanted property in Australia, there are certain challenges and opportunities that property owners need to consider. Having a deep understanding of this process will enable you to navigate it effortlessly and optimise your return on investment.

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House Hacking: How it works and what are the benefits?

House Hacking: How it works and what are the benefits? 

Are you tired of paying rent or your daily living expenses? If yes then, House hacking might be the right real estate strategy for you. It allows you to live in a property you own while renting out a portion of it to cover your living expenses. You can achieve this by buying a multi-family property and residing in one unit while leasing out the rest, or by renting out rooms in a single-family home.

The rent you collect straightly goes towards your mortgage, property taxes, insurance and other expenses reducing the financial burden.

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Buying a Home: Balancing Lifestyle and Location

Buying a Home: Balancing Lifestyle and Location

Finding a beautiful home requires more than just a good eye for real estate. It also demands a deep understanding of how your lifestyle with intersect with the location. Whether it’s a bustling city life or a peaceful countryside, it will affect your daily life & long-term satisfaction. And balancing these key considerations is a key to making a home that truly is yours 

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