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Pros and Cons of Rentvesting in Queensland

Rentvesting in Queensland

Rentvesting is an investment technique where you rent where you live and make investments somewhere else. If you want to invest in real estate but can’t afford to buy a house where you live, this may be an ideal option for you. While rentvesting in Queensland, various things need to be considered such as the cost of the property, rent, rental market, and rental management. 

Before rentvesting one must know the risks involved in it and do detailed research. Here are some of the pros and cons that you should be aware of as an investor who lives in Queensland.

Pros of Rentvesting in Queensland 

Investment with Less Money

This is the main reason why most investors prefer rentvesting over other strategies. Rentvesting allows you to be involved in property investment with less money. You can simply offset the mortgage payments with the rent you receive from the investment property. 

Potential Wealth Growth

Even if the investor is staying in a rented property. They can easily invest in properties where there is a chance of potential growth. Hence, rentvesting lets the investor enjoy more returns while residing in different places.

Enjoy Tax Benefits 

Rentvesting comes along with many tax benefits. You can benefit from your tax deduction on investment property. This not only helps to claim your tax deduction but also reduces your overall tax bill.

Cons of Rentvesting in Queensland

No Criteria for the First Home Grant

As, being a rentvestor you won’t be living in a home that you buy. For this reason, you won’t be eligible for the first home grant which is given by the government as financial aid. 

Extra Expenses 

Residing in a rented house costs you to pay the rental amount on a monthly basis. Along with the rent you also have to pay for the property management expenses where you invest. This leads to an increase in the extra expenses.

Uncertainty of the Market 

The property market is uncertain so it can change at any time. The property’s value can go up or down due to the other factors. If your property’s value goes down, you can certainly go into loss. 

Depending on your investment circumstances and investment goals you need to adopt the right strategy. And more than that your research and time frame also affects your strategy.

If you are thinking to get the best returns then contact our team of experts.


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Conducting thorough research and consulting with licenced and experienced professionals in the relevant fields is crucial. Every individual’s financial and real estate situation is unique, and professional advice is essential to making informed decisions.

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